the dawn peers over the horizon,
beginning its burning of mist
in a glow tinted orange.

orange like the salt lamp upon
the bedpost, a candlelight vigil
drenched by deep blue sheets and
sea foam irises.

the lovers’ flesh fused overnight,
harboring dewy eyelids and fresh
pulses of the heart. a finger
traces across the gully of a chest.
inseparable as the sun kisses
the horizon’s other shoulder.


another love poem

moments of balmy summer, of
saltwater skin and sticky
eyelids, pooled in that soft
place between your ribs and
shoulder blade. my ear pressed
into you, your blood made the
sound of crashing waves and
a rhytmic thud of feet atop
wet sand.

your fingers dip into strands
of my hair as gravity
pulls to the sea floor.
your voice a fleeting sound
as a kite cut loose.