the world has continued spinning just as you expected

but the crater was never filled up
with concrete for a parking lot
because what’s left of you still
glitters bright upon the earth
better than any tar and asphalt.

and we collect you from in between
cracks in the soil, our fingers
clinging to memories of your
scintillating laughter,
your brilliant mind.

our skin has renewed in the year since–
the wounds have scabbed over, peeling away.
we are all in some amount bigger,
our hearts accustomed to heaviness,
but you linger still in the wrinkles
of our palms and of our laughter.
each gentle word a testament to you,
we breathe continuously of your love.

dedicated to Alainee. your words still echo here.


Published by

c.v. grace

here lies my veins, tangled and suffocating.

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