ibuprofen 200mg

this orange dot tastes like
a bit of candy left
melting in the car for
too long. we swallow it
not because it’s sitting
in our mouths for its warm
chemical sweetener
flavor, but because it
has quite the trip for a
legal substance. i felt
my face disappear when
i turned thirteen and had
my period for the
first time. i spent hours
hovering over a
toilet bowl, trying to
vomit out all of my
uterus and cursing
God for forcing me to
existence. the whole world
felt coated in frosty
fire extinguisher
foam and the sun took a
cold bath when i swallowed.
on sunday i caught a
a virus, and my brain
pushed into the walls of
my skull like it was in
the process of a bad
wrestling move, and my ears
rang the bell for this round
to end. i took three of
those orange dots that day,
and i dreamt of stars in
the cloudy afternoon.


Published by

c.v. grace

here lies my veins, tangled and suffocating.

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