the ocean

hazily, the sky’s morning eyes
looks upon my cheeks with
salty melting dewiness
and upon my lashes a
dreamy sea foam fog

toes stuck steep into the
seam of the sea and sandy earth
waist deep in the ocean’s caress
a wave arrives to take me in
my breath held lightly in baptism

i swim closer to the blue horizon
the shore winding into a beige thread
with tiny crawls of hotels and piers
and the bustle of land fading
quietly into lapping water

and under the surface crashes
murmurs a calm bubbling
waves growing to a whisper
shells and rocks faintly clicking
a cooing of the ocean

she calls me home
reminding me of my saline blood and
holding my hands of small webbing
how i was born into the womb
again, only to leave


Published by

c.v. grace

here lies my veins, tangled and suffocating.

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