the abyss

her legs swung over the precipice,
slender fingers held on to its crevices–
and below
a deep chasm bows
to greet her at the cloudy peak.

a hollow wind gave way to an echo of stone:

is this the end?
is this the end?

the chasm beckons against its walls,
tall in the ways she’s always felt small.

she liked her oatmeal plain
and loved the sound of trees and
pens on loose leaf.
beside gas receipts and plane tickets,
she kept coins in a size ten canister
“for a change of scenery”

she never detested the pretty extroverts
whose sentences were second nature.
she was an extrovert on her own,
smiling to strangers on the streets.

but she was painfully aware of how she walked,
and her face, well, just as awkward–
until she became a chameleon for comfort,
changing only to blend in.

perhaps my money would be better spent on makeup,
and my energy best spent on people?

this morning she ate the ends of a new bread-loaf,
coupled with a cup of black coffee
whose steam lapped the lens of her spectacles–
a small inconvenience as she read another political debacle.

she said thank you to the greying man behind the register,
whose gas station was his heirloom.
she became entranced with the rhythmic crunch
of rocks and bones underneath her toes.

and she sat there alone on the precipice,
between the chasm floor and misty firmament,
seeking distance from a strange world–
her fingers were curled against
the ears and eyes that yearned no learning
and always grew privy to destroying.

perhaps i shall sit alone for all eternity.

so she laid down her back,
legs hanging loosely on the ledge,
and slept.


Published by

c.v. grace

here lies my veins, tangled and suffocating.

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